Nestorovic believes that the director of the WHO admitted that vaccines kill children


Original article (in Serbian) was published on 27/12/2021

While anti-vaxxers do not believe in numerous scientific studies proving the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines or in the recommendations of domestic and foreign health organizations, they believe that the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) inadvertently admitted that vaccines are killing children. This alleged “confession” took place in public, in front of the whole world, at a regular press conference of the WHO. Branimir Nestorovic shared the news about it on his account on the Russian social network VKontakte, to which he moved from Facebook in March this year due to “censorship”.

“A Freudian slip? The director of the WHO said that Covid boosters are being used to kill children?!?”, wrote Nestorovic and also shared a link to the text of the obscure site

It is a  website that spreads various conspiracy theories about vaccines and the deep state and advocates the release of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol in early January in an attempt to prevent Joe Biden from being voted the new president.

The “Freudian slip” mentioned by this pulmonologist is a reference to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who spoke of slips or omissions in speech – when a person mistakenly says something he/she actually thinks. In other words, according to Nestorovic and his followers, the director of the WHO made a mistake by saying that booster doses kill children, which means that he inadvertently told the truth.

At the World Health Organization conference, held on December 20, WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus spoke about vaccines, specifically how in developing countries, people from vulnerable populations, the elderly and the sick, rather than children, should be vaccinated with booster doses (third dose).

“If it will be used, it is better to focus on groups that are at risk of illness and death, but some countries, as we can see, use booster doses to give them to children, which is not right”, he said.

He said “kill children”, which served to anti-vaxxers as proof of “a Freudian slip”.

What is it all about?

According to the WHO, Ghebreyesus was “stuck” on the first syllable, so instead of “chil” (as the word “children” is pronounced in English), he pronounced “kil” (kill).

“What happened at the WHO conference during his utterance of the word “children” is that he got “stuck” on “chil” so then it turned out to be “kil” (kill)”, the WHO said in a statement to a fact-checking organization Politifakt. “Immediately afterwards, he pronounced the same consonant correctly, so he said “children”. Any other interpretation of this is 100% incorrect”. 

Branimir Nestorovic, by the way, “migrated” to the Vkontakte network in March this year from Facebook, where this network repeatedly marked his posts as fake news. This controversial doctor became famous for his statements and spread of disinformation, starting with the statement that coronavirus is “the funniest virus that exists only on Facebook”, to many other inaccurate claims about viruses, vaccines, and cancer, which Raskrikavanje has dealt with on several occasions.

He recently “teamed up” with Sasa Borojevic, another conspiracy theorist who has a following of more than 36,000 people on Facebook. Borojevic is the founder of Artimedia High School. He was also the director of the UMS School for Talented Children. Recently, he was the vice president of the Association “Knights of the Order of the Dragon”, of which Nestorovic is the president.

This association was promoted on December 22, and as Nestorovic said at the press conference, the idea of ​​the association is to protect children from manipulation – from violence on the Internet to pedophilia, and to protect children from “promoting the LGBT movement in schools”.

“Attacks on children from various directions have started, and the idea is to manipulate children and change their pattern of behavior. In particular, it ended with an example of how Red Cross instructors teach boys to kiss without the knowledge of their parents”, said Nestorovic, but they did not further explain which case they were talking about.

During the search of the media about that case, the journalists of Raskrikavanje came across only the statements of Andrej Fajgelj, the former director of the Cultural Center Novi Sad, who was arrested in 2016 for threatening the death of the citizens’ protector Sasa Jankovic. He claimed for Vecernje Novosti in 2015 that Red Cross activists, during a workshop on peer violence at school, taught his then eight-year-old son to “kiss other boys, introduce himself as a girl and be able to have sex with the same gender”.

Apart from the story about the dangers that threaten children in the modern age, politics was also mentioned at the “Knights” conference. Nestorovic said that they have no political ambitions, but “when push comes to shove, the situation will escalate”, that is, they will go to the polls and try to institutionalize the fight.

“You all know, we’re all pretending. You know that I have 20-25 percent of the vote if I run. You know that it would be the second party in Serbia in terms of strength. You all know that, we are all pretending. I don’t have that ambition, but if it becomes really messy, without any thinking…”, he said.
As Newsmax Adria previously reported, this association was formed by renaming the MIR association, founded in 2012, which, paradoxically, organized the “LGBT Tea Party” event on one occasion.