Towers and routers are not weapons for targeted radiation of citizens

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Original article (in Bosnian) was published on 13/01/2023

Posts spreading on social media claim that cell phone towers, routers and other devices serve as weapon systems through which the US government targets citizens with radiation.

On December 10, 2022, ISTINA Telegram account published a video which features a voice of an unidentified male person speaking in English.

He claims that towers, but also routers, mobile phones and wireless smart electricity meters, are used as weapon systems through which the US government “targets citizens with radiation”. As a result of the alleged targeted radiation, they experience “EMG attacks”, that is, headaches, cardiac arrhythmias, fatigue and death, all of which are allegedly proven by “government documents”. The subtitled translation states the following:

Mysterious EMG attacks have swept the United States. Millions of people are influenced by it, here’s what you need to know!

Government documents show that the towers became weapon systems as part of the social credit system. If you are tagged on Facebook or Screw Tube, Instagram, etc. then we are being targeted by these towers according to government documents. Products like routers, cell phones and wireless smart electricity meters as well as other products have also become weaponized systems. Right now, everyone is in danger.

If you have experienced severe headaches, dry throat, cardiac arrhythmias, fatigue, etc., you are probably the target of these towers and everything looks as if it is natural. It all looks like a natural death from cancer, heart attack or stroke. And with the outbreak of this Covid plandemic, nobody cares, nobody is interested. No one will hear your cries for help, and no one will believe you even though it was all on the mainstream media and confirmed by government documents.

DARPA, ECHELON and others like them confirm that governments around the world have turned cell phone towers into WEAPONS!!!

As well as the mentioned electronic products to target the undesirables!!!

The video itself contains different photos and short videos, and altogether it looks like a television show.

This video was published on iSTiNA Telegram account with a description claiming that “targeted radiation” is possible through a vaccine, a mobile phone or router and a 5G network:

They can only do this for you in three cases:

1.) If you are nano-chipped or as some say “vaccinated”, and 2.) If you carry a mobile phone with you, and they know the name and number of your phone or SIM card (mobile phone number). Also 3.) Through the router you have in your apartment or house because the 5G network can map the interior of your space as well as yourself.

We found the same recording on several Facebook (link, link, link, link) and Twitter profiles (link), and nowhere is it stated who the male person whose voice is heard on the recording is, nor what are the “government documents” that prove the stated theory.

Where does the footage come from and are there “government documents”?

The clip shared in the local language is part of a longer video in English, which has been shared on “conspiracy” web portals and social networks for some time.

In the translation, it is stated that the alleged “targeted radiation” occurs “if you are tagged on Facebook or Screw Tube, Instagram, etc”. From this obviously wrong translation, it is not clear what it actually means. However, the male person whose voice is heard in the video actually said: “Government documents reveal that cell phone towers have been weaponized as part of a social scoring system. If you’re flagged on Facebook, Screw Tube, Instagram, and Twitter, if you visit Infowars, you’re being targeted by cell towers, according to government documents.

The person in the video mentions “official government documents” and “media reports” that allegedly confirm claims of 5G towers being used as weapons. At the beginning and the end of the video, an image from the CBS studio is shown with a graphic that says “Mysterious energy attack” (attached above). This is an authentic frame from a report of this television from 2021, which talks about two possible targeted radiation attacks on government employees on the soil of the United States of America (USA). Directed microwave radiation has been linked to a number of illnesses among US diplomats in Cuba, China, Russia and other countries. It is possible that when the reports of the US government are mentioned, they are actually referring to these cases.

However, neither the original TV report nor any government documents speak of the US government targeting its citizens via 5G towers. Quite the opposite – the TV report talks about the radiation aimed directly at US officials.

Is 5G technology a weapon?

Several different conspiracy theories about the 5G network and its impact on health are at the base of the nonsensical claims about “directed radiation” which have been flagged on social networks, or who have visited InfoWars.

This claim, above all, relies on the myth that the 5G network is being used as a weapon. As explained on the Whatls page, although completely false, these claims most likely have their origin in the fact that this generation of mobile networks uses the same airwaves as the Active Denial System, a US crowd control device.

Every new wireless mobile technology that is introduced brings with it concerns about the impact and use of electromagnetic radiation. This happened with 4G and continues with the 5G network.

Even so, it doesn’t seem likely that 5G will attack people with some high-frequency radiation from cell towers.

Still, it’s not hard to understand the origins of the idea that 5G can be used as a weapon, as 5G uses submillimeter and millimetre waves—as does the United States military’s prototype device used for crowd control.

The military’s Active Denial System sends millimetre waves like the air that penetrates the top layer of a person’s skin, causing a sensation of heat that isn’t very pleasant — even though it doesn’t actually hurt.

People who claim that the effects of 5G radio waves have not been fully tested may be comparing the effects of this device to the effects of 5G waves. However, this is far from a claim that 5G can be used as a weapon.

In Fotolog’s article about the most common myths about the 5G network, it is also stated that not only is 5G completely safe for humans, but it also cannot be used as a huge laser death beam:

While both 5G and ADS operate within the same radio spectrum, 5G is broadcast at a much lower frequency of 28 GHz, as opposed to the 95 GHz frequency used by the latter. Not only does this mean that 5G is completely safe for humans, but also that it cannot be used as a giant laser death beam.

Cardiac arrhythmias, headaches, fatigue, and even death are mentioned as consequences of the alleged targeted radiation via 5G towers. At the basis of this claim is the popular and unfounded belief that the radiation present in this technology is harmful to human health.

On several occasions (1, 2, 3) Raskrinkavanje wrote about the fact that the radiation of 5G technology is not ionizing and as such cannot affect human DNA, as is often stated.

Plandemic, vaccines, chips…

Claims about targeted radiation through towers for the 5G network have been linked by some users of social networks to vaccines against Covid-19.

These claims have also been present in the domestic media space for some time, and Raskrinkavanje has also written about them on several occasions. As it has already been established, there are no nanochips in the vaccines that enable the vaccinated to be the target of radiation, as claimed in the posts of individual users, just as the possession of mobile phones does not enable this.

In posts, the Covid-19 pandemic is called a “plandemic” – which is another broader conspiracy theory that denies the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus or downplays its importance, and the pandemic is presented as a conspiracy of world powers. Raskrinkavanje has also written about such claims several times in the past years (link, link).

What is the “social credit system”?

The video claims that the towers have become weapon systems “as part of the social credit system”.

The social credit system is a project of the Chinese government that is based on the monitoring and evaluation of individuals, companies and government bodies. It functions according to the principle of evaluating individuals and companies based on the collected data. Due to certain violations (traffic violations, non-payment of workers, but also trivial reasons such as smoking in non-smoking zones), they lose points and end up on the “black list”, and are sanctioned (travel restrictions, increased state inspection controls). On the other hand, desirable behaviour is rewarded with benefits (e.g. priority in the provision of health care).

It was originally planned that the project would be introduced by 2020 at the national level. For now, there is no unified national social credit system in China, but several local governments are implementing pilot projects. Independent of the government, some companies have developed a similar system of social lending. Earlier, disinformation was spread that such a system was being introduced in Canada as well.

Given all the facts, the claims that “government documents” prove that towers, routers and other devices serve as weapon systems through which the US government targets citizens are assessed as a conspiracy theory and fake news.