IN4S Misrepresents Blinken’s Stance on Ukraine

Ron Przysucha/U.S. State Department

Original article (in Montenegrin) was published on 10/01/2024; Author: Marko Vukajlović

Anthony Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, held a press conference to address various topics, including Ukraine. He highlighted the significant financial support provided by the U.S., which amounts to $70 billion, alongside the European Union’s contribution of $110 billion. Blinken reinforced the message that the U.S. remains steadfast in its support for Ukraine. However, IN4S misrepresented his speech, particularly his response to one of the journalist’s questions.

In the article titled:

Zelensky thrown under the bus: Blinken states that the U.S. has no more money or time for Ukraine

it is stated:

So, it finally happened.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian Nazi-fascist, has definitely been thrown under the bus.

This would mean that we will, in all likelihood, soon witness the end of the war in Ukraine.

In addressing a question about a pending aid package for Ukraine, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken referenced the challenges in securing approval from Congress for an additional tranche of support. President Joe Biden had previously approved sending approximately $62 billion in new aid for Ukraine. Yet, this assistance remains unapproved, caught in the crosshairs of political contention within the Capitol. Expressing his concerns, Blinken emphasized the precarious financial position in supporting Ukraine, stating:

“…other than the supplemental request that the President has made of Congress, there is no magic pot of money that we can draw from. The assistance, the support that we have designated for Ukraine, that is running out; it’s running down. We are nearly out of money that we need, and we’re nearly out of time. I can’t put a precise date on it, but that’s the direction that this is moving in, which underscores the urgency of getting this supplemental budget request through.”

Political will for Ukraine to receive a new, urgently needed aid package clearly exists, at least according to Blinken. It is evident from his speech that the claims made by IN4S are not accurate.

Therefore, this post is assessed as a manipulation of facts.

The “Manipulation of facts” rating is given to a media report that uses well-known and accurate facts but deceptively interprets them. These reports generally use accurate information to draw incorrect conclusions or claims, thus steering the conclusions of consumers of media content in the wrong direction in relation to the actual meaning of the facts presented.

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