Instead of Statistics: Montenegro Grapples with Unofficial Census Forecasts, Conspiracy Theories, and Historical Revisionism

By: Darvin Murić Preliminary results from Montenegro’s latest census reveal significant demographic shifts, including a notable exodus from the north and a surge in immigration. While the census showed a stark drop of twenty thousand residents in the northern region over the past decade, controversy swirls around delayed data on sensitive topics like religion, nationality, […]


Reader Receives 3D Glasses Instead of Ordered Shoes

Original article (in Serbian) was published on 16/4/2024; Author: Ivan Subotić A reader of FakeNews Tragac reported a disappointing experience after ordering Camper brand shoes from a website purportedly selling footwear. He received an unexpected surprise when the order arrived. “Instead of shoes, I was sent glasses like those used in 3D cinemas, worth no more […]