European Fact-Checking Organizations Launch Climate Disinformation Database


SEE Check members FakeNews Tragač, Faktograf,, and,  in association with the European Fact-Checking Standards Network and other participating member organizations have launched the Climate Facts Europe database, supported by the European Climate Foundation. The project’s goal is to increase cross-country collaboration in detecting and debunking climate disinformation while promoting access to verified climate information.

Climate Facts Europe is a multi-faceted project, which includes a public-facing database for the European public to browse fact-checks related to climate disinformation. The project also establishes an alert system to raise the alarm to participating fact-checking organizations and the European Climate Foundation about viral cross-border climate disinformation campaigns and narratives.

Additionally, seven organizations selected from participating members will produce four long form reports using the cross-border data to be released about once a month covering a range of climate-related topics.

“We have already seen over the recent months that climate related disinformation is one of the major topics in the run up to the European Elections, affecting not only the political debate but also conversations about separate issues such as public health or civil liberties. With Climate Facts Europe we will be able to analyse this phenomenon in-depth and sound the alarm when we detect emerging false narratives”, said Carlos Hernández-Echevarría, Chair of the EFCSN Governance Body.

In the meantime, stay up to date with climate-related disinformation trends by subscribing to the EFCSN’s newsletter, where we will share climate disinformation narratives identified and debunked with the help of the database.

Climate Facts Europe is a joint project of the European Fact-Checking Standards Network, SEE Check members, and other participating member organizations, supported by the European Climate Foundation.Access the database at Read more about the EFCSN on their website. Follow the EFCSN on X, Threads, and LinkedIn for regular updates about their projects.

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