Unsubstantiated Theory of King Charles’s Illegitimate Son Replacing Him

Jonathan Brady - WPA Pool, Getty Images

Original article (in Albanian) was published on 1/7/2024; Author: Barbara Halla

Claim: The illegitimate son of King Charles will take the throne after his abdication

Verdict: False

A recent article circulating on Albanian social media falsely asserts that King Charles III of Great Britain has an illegitimate child who will inherit the throne after his abdication. These claims, along with other assertions in the article attributed to predictions made by an astrologer in 2005, are completely unfounded.

The article claims that Simon Dorante-Day is the illegitimate son of Charles and Camilla. Dorante-Day, is an Australian man, has long asserted his connection to the royal family without providing any evidence to support his claims.  This narrative has been primarily spread by English-language tabloids and gossip websites that have not substantiated Dorante-Day’s assertions, despite his own claims of having gathered proof. However, Dorante-Day was born in 1966, several years before Camilla and Charles are known to have met around 1970.  Additionally, Dorante-Day’s adoptive sisters have publicly dismissed his claims.

The article also relies on unverified claims from an astrologer who interpreted Nostradamus’s predictions, suggesting that Charles will abdicate in favor of his alleged illegitimate son. 

Nostradamus’s astrological predictions have remained intriguing since the 1500s.  His predictions about crucial events in world history are mostly stories without specific details. This format has enabled different interpreters to use them as precise forecasts for the future.

Therefore, these assertions about Charles and a purported illegitimate son lack factual basis and remain speculative. There is no credible evidence to suggest that anyone other than Prince William, Charles’s eldest son with Princess Diana, is in line to succeed him.

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