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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Raskrinkavanje was launched in 2017. and it’s one of the pioneer platforms for media and social media disinformation fact-checking in the region. It is run by the team of “Zašto ne”, an organization with years-long experience in fact-checking the accuracy and consistency of statements by public officials, as well as monitoring the fulfilment of pre-election promises on the Istinomjer platform.


Raskrinkavanje bases its work on an impartial, independent and thorough verification of media information. Raskrinkavanje follows media reports and social media posts, and based on its methodology, checks and evaluates those whose credibility is questionable. You can find out more about our Methodology on this link.


The purpose of Raskrinkavanje is to contribute to the disclosure of fake news, propaganda narratives, commercial and political interests wrapped in a reporting format and, ultimately, to build a more credible media sphere in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. We also strive to contribute to building a critical approach to media content and strengthening media literacy by creating educational media literacy website, handbooks, curriculums for workshops etc.


Our goal is to contribute to better and more quality informing of the public based on facts rather than, as increasingly is the case, sensationalist “news” that in fact is not news, political propaganda, pseudo scientific “findings” and other forms of media manipulation. We achieve this through research that will establish a clear distinction between disinformation and facts, and identifying credible and non-credible media sources.


From the very beginning, Raskrinkavanje has been a verified signatory of the International Fact-checking Network (IFCN) Code.



Website: www.raskrinkavanje.ba


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