Raskrinkavanje.me is a platform run by Center for Democratic Transition (CDT), whose primary purpose is to challenge media manipulation, improve the quality of media contents, increase media literacy and respect for journalistic professional standards.


We are a member of the International Fact-Checking Network – IFCN, as well as the regional network for combating disinformation – SEECheck.


We are also part of Facebook’s Third-Party Fact-Checking program, which currently includes 70 organizations working in 50 languages globally.


We believe that notions such as “the media cannot be trusted” are just as wrong and dangerous as the uncritical acceptance of everything that can be heard, seen and read in the media, and that any disinformation, regardless of its original source and the media outlet that spreads it, is detrimental to democracy and society as a whole.


We therefore analyze media contents and social media posts that discuss topics such as international and regional politics, human rights and democracy, which are suspected of containing misinformation, disinformation, fake news or other forms of manipulation.


We thoroughly probe suspicious information and their sources by using the methodology we have developed in cooperation with our partners, which provides a framework for evaluating media content of questionable credibility.


Alongside evaluations of individual media publications, we also draw up aggregated periodical reports on observed media manipulations in the areas covered by Raskrinkavanje.

We remain open to providing assistance to citizens who want to check the veracity of a particular dubious content or post, as well as to media outlets that seek our cooperation and contribution towards an improved content quality.


Raskrinkavanje complies with the Code of Ethics of Journalists of Montenegro and international standards of professional journalism. Our journalists and researchers are not affiliated with any political party nor are they to run in any election or participate in any other advocacy campaign that could trigger either an actual or perceived conflict of interest.


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