No, the Dean’s Sister Did Not Report on the Gatherings in Front of the Faculty of Philosophy

Illustration, FakeNews Tragač

Original article (in Serbian) was published on 31/3/2024; Author: Ivan Subotić

According to the web portal NS uzivo, there is a ‘secret connection’ explaining why the PMF dean was the only supporter of Dinko Gruhonjic’s “hate speech.” This media outlet claims the connection lies in the familial relationship between Milica Pavkov Hrvojevic, the dean of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Novi Sad, and Ksenija Pavkov, a reporter for N1 television since they are sisters. “Of course, N1 and the ‘objective’ and ‘independent’ journalist from the namesake television station, Ksenija Pavkov, passionately reported in front of the faculty defending Dinko Gruhonjic from the students.” However, this accusation is completely unfounded.

The team at FakeNews Tragac thoroughly reviewed all segments from N1’s news broadcasts related to the recent events at the Faculty of Philosophy from March 27 to 29. These included two gatherings supporting academic integrity and Professor Dinko Gruhonjic (March 27 and 29), and a protest by young men and students against the professor’s hate speech, which led to a blockade of the faculty (March 28). After examining the footage available on YouTube and the EON platform, we determined that N1 journalist Ksenija Pavkov did not report on these events; instead, the coverage was handled by another reporter, Sanja Kosovic.

To determine whether Ksenija Pavkov reported on the mentioned events, we reviewed the following N1 television broadcasts from March 27 to March 29: Novi dan, Studio N1 Live (123), N1 Info (brief news), Dan uzivo (123), Evening News at 19:00 (123), Newsnight (12), and the Nightly News at 22:00.

Live Reports by Sanja Kosović for N1 (March 28, 2024)

For the sake of accuracy, it’s important to note that N1 reporter Ksenija Pavkov and PMF Dean Milica Pavkov Hrvojevic are indeed sisters. Additionally, Ksenija Pavkov holds a position as an assistant at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, a detail confirmed by NS uzivo. However, adhering to the Journalists’ Code of Serbia, which advises against reporting in situations where there may be a conflict of interest, Ksenija Pavkov did not cover the events at the Faculty of Philosophy.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the web portal NS uzivo used an outdated photo of Ksenija Pavkov holding a microphone in the illustration accompanying the article. This image was actually from her report on Ana Mihaljica from Novi Sad, who claimed her three children were wrongfully taken from her.

Disinformation suggesting that journalist Ksenija Pavkov reported on events related to the Faculty of Philosophy was also reported by the following online news outlets: Dnevnik, Novosti, Gradske info, Nacionalist, Glas javnosti, Pink, Vojvodina uzivo, Radio televizija Pancevo, 24 sedam, and Srbija danas.

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