Serbian Journalist Stefan Kosanovic Gains Global Acclaim for Investigative Report on Sports Psychologist

Screenshot, YouTube, AIPS Media Channel

An in-depth investigation conducted by Serbian journalist Stefan Kosanovic, published on the SEE Check member Fake News Tragač’s platform, has earned him international recognition and a second place in the Young Reporters Writing category, as well as a special mention in the Investigative category by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS). The report, which scrutinized the credentials and public statements of sports psychologist Sasa Sredanovic, was also shortlisted in the Writing Best Colour Piece category.

Sredanovic came under scrutiny during the 2022 FIFA World Cup when she claimed that the Serbian national team was the only European squad in Qatar without a psychologist. This statement led Kosanovic to examine Sredanovic’s professional background, which had been featured prominently in various media outlets over the years. His investigation revealed that many of Sredanovic’s credentials were grossly exaggerated.

Notably, Sredanovic had been misrepresented by the media as having worked with top soccer clubs including Real Betis, Olimpija Ljubljana, Athletic Bilbao, and Barcelona. However, inquiries by Kosanovic confirmed that none of these clubs had any records of her involvement with them. Additionally, Sredanovic claimed to have completed a degree in clinical psychology at the non-existent “Maastricht University of Clinical Psychology.”

Further complicating the matter, attempts by the Fake News Tragač team to contact Sredanovic for comments were met with a “pre-lawsuit warning” from a non-existent Zejaković law office. The use of a fraudulent attorney’s office was later confirmed by the Belgrade Bar Association, which also confirmed the misuse of its logo in the communication.

The AIPS awards, spanning six categories, attracted 1,887 entries from around the world this year. Kosanovic’s piece not only shed light on the misinformation spread by Sredanovic but also highlighted the broader issue of verification in professional reporting.

Read the acclaimed story here.