Mark Bryan: Robotics Engineer and Fashion Icon, Not a NATO Officer


Original article (in Montenegrin) was published on 24/5/2024; Author: Jasmin Murić

The current political polarization, which is in full swing, has led to the exploitation of individuals, events, or phenomena to mislead the public, often at the expense of political adversaries. One such bizarre claim, which has previously circulated on social media (1, 2, 3, 4,) is viral again (archived here). It is claimed that Mark Bryan, a man known for his unconventional fashion sense, is a high-ranking officer in the US Army and a member of NATO command. The truth is far more interesting – Mark Bryan is a robotics engineer from Texas who expresses himself through skirts and high heels, not as a military strategist but as a pioneer in breaking gender barriers in fashion. This story of a man challenging fashion norms, not waging wars, deserves to be told truthfully. Next to the video of Mark Bryan, the following description was posted:

“Don’t be fooled by appearances – Not all disorders are harmless!!!

High-ranking US Army officer and NATO command member.”

As confirmed by numerous interviews (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Mark Bryan is a 63-year-old robotics engineer from Dallas, USA, currently living in Germany. His love for wearing skirts and high heels is not related to his profession but is a personal expression of his fashion style. Bryan is a heterosexual man, married and a father of three, who began experimenting with women’s clothing as a form of self-expression. In addition to his robotics career, Bryan is a passionate American football coach. The football field is the only place he refrains from wearing high heels, coaching his team with the same dedication he brings to his fashion.

In an interview with Mirror UK, Bryan explained how he started wearing skirts and heels to work in 2015 because he found traditional men’s clothing dull. His fashion choices are supported by his wife, who helps him select his outfits. Bryan emphasizes that his preference for this style is not related to his sexuality but is simply how he feels most comfortable.

Mark Bryan has become popular on social media due to his unique style. With about 600,000 Instagram followers, he has inspired many, including some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. His fashion adventure has led him to the covers of prestigious magazines like Vogue Germany and Interview Magazine and to participate in Paris Fashion Week.

Despite his fame, Bryan has faced controversies, especially regarding his stance on the LGBTQ+ community. In an interview with Purplehaze magazine, Bryan explained that his goal is not only the degenderization of fashion but also desexualization so people can wear what they want without their sexuality being questioned.

All these facts clearly show that Mark Bryan has no connection to the military, NATO, or any military organization. He is an ordinary man with an extraordinary style, a robotics engineer, and a fashion icon, not a high-ranking officer. The false claims about him are a prime example of internet disinformation that needs to be debunked with accurate information.

Therefore, we rate this post as – fake news.

The “Fake news” rating is given to an original media report (completely produced by the media that published it) that contains factually incorrect claims or information. Content that is rated as fake news can be reliably determined to have been created and disseminated with the intent to misinform the public, that is, to present a completely false claim as fact.

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